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20x Zoom 1.3MP 720P Outdoor PTZ IP Network Speed CCTV Auto Tracking Dome Camera

Auto Tracking Dome Camera 1.3MP 720P

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20X ZOOM 1.3M 720P Camera IP Network Speed Dome 
Auto Tracking Support & Dustproof Waterproof Wiper
8pcs Night Vision Auto Tracking Camera

Special Features

  • High Definition
    H.264 compression algorithm, save the network bandwidth and hard disk storage space, aspect ratio of 16:9 and 4:3 adjust at will; h. 264 main profile level and M - JPEG video streaming can be output at full frame speed. support for dynamic coding parameters adjustment
  • Zoom and automatic focusing
    With 20 x optical zoom Camera, more than 20 times autofocus function, not only can provide an ideal field of vision, but also can realize perfectautomatic focus
  • Double stream free switch 
    Support the double stream, choose the main stream or sub stream according to different application.
  • Supported protocols and Mobile client
    Support TCP/IP、PPPoE、DHCP、UDP、MCAST、FTP、SNMP 、Onvif、CGI, Supported Android and Apple Mobile access
  • Alarm function 
    Support the local and network linkage signal; Provide area, mobile sensitivity detection alarm, regional block alarm

Main Features

  • Stepless speed changes, auto zoom/speed matching
  • Pan 0.01~360o/S, Tilt 0.01o~120o/S, Preset: 360o/S (high speed IR speed dome)
  • Pan 0.5o~35o, Tilt 0.5o~35o, Preset:35o/s (for Vari-speed IR dome)
  • Auto object track with zoom in/out and motion detection (Auto Track Model)
  • Timing actions for 7 days of programmable schedule
  • Built-in Semi-conductor heater & digital temperature sensor
  • PWM cooling fan vari-speed temperature control
  • Reserved network interface and space for network module
  • Pan Tilt accuracy +/- 0.1o, 256preset positions
  • 8 cruising tracks, each cruising track has 32 presets
  • 4 pattern tours,10 Mins memory, 500 programmable instructions
  • Multi-Protocol through RS485 or coaxial cable.
  • 8 auto scan with use-defined left and right boundaries and settable scan speed
  • 8 Privacy Zones with defined English camera title
  • Auto Compatible PELCO_P, PELCO_D compatible
  • Guard Location: the dome will rotate back to preset position after a period of vacant time
  • Alarm triggering: the alarm can trigger preset, auto scan, cruising and pattern tours functions
  • Soft Address Function: the use can set up the dome address without uninstall the dome

Integrated Super Speed PTZ Rotator

  • Delicate stepping motor, stable, sensitive and accurate
  • 360° Pan and 90° Tilt range (auto-flip) without blind area
  • Stepless speed change, auto zoom/speed matching
  • Near / far IR Light auto matches camera zoom in/out

Built-in High Definition Day/Night Camera

  • Auto iris, auto back light compensation
  • Auto/manual white balance
  • Auto/manual brightness control
  • Auto/manual focus

All-weather Outdoor Design

  • 5 Inch High die-cast alloy aluminum construction
  • High Precision Mould with high heat conductivity
  • Fully enclosed isolation design for heat sink
  • Nanometer Dustproof, waterproof and fog-proof lens
  • IP66 Waterproof
  • 3000V lightning and surge current protection

Function Instructions

  • Focus / PTZ Speed Auto Match
    The pan/tilt rotation speed could be automatically adjusted according to the focus in/out, which makes it much more practical for manual target tracking. (Only for the auto tracking IR speed dome)
  • Auto Flip
    When the camera tilts downward and goes just beyond the vertical position, the camera will rotate 180 degrees.
  • Preset Position Set up and Call Up
    In the Preset function the dome stores the current pan/tilt angle, zoom and other position parameters in its memory. When necessary the dome recalls these parameters and adjusts the camera to a particular position. The user can store, recall and clear the presets easily and promptly by using the keyboard controller. The dome can store up to 256 presets.
  • Auto Scan
    Users can set up the left and right boundaries by control keyboard. Then speed dome can scan between this boundary. It supports up to 8 groups of scanning paths.
  • Cruising Track
    The preset position can be programmed to be recalled in a set of sequences. This sequence can be set to let the camera scan from one position to the next in a cycle at a set speed. This feature is called the “auto cruise”. The cruise sequence and dwell time of each preset can be set. It supports up to 8cruising tracks, each cruising track with 32 presets.
  • Pattern Tour
    Dome can memorize 600S running path or 500 programmable instructions. When start pattern tour, speed dome will move automatically according recorded action path. It supports 4 groups of pattern tours.
  • 3D Positioning
    The dome automatically return to preset position if there is no operation in period of vacant time.
  • Default Action
    When you start up the dome camera or do not send commands over a long time, the dome camera will return to its default functions which include the home place, auto pan, auto cruise and pattern.
  • Dome Address Setup
    The dome supports up to 256 addresses and the dome will only response to the instructions given to its own address. Please check the dip switch on the bottom of the dome for address setup.
  • Privacy Mask Protection
    Set black mask areas to protect the privacy zones. The black privacy locations can be set, and support up to 8 mask zones.
  • Coordinates and Directions Display
    User can define the dome’s direction of due north, which will help to show up the exact moving directions on screen. And zone title is supported to display when the dome moves to the specified zone.
  • Auto Tracking
    The dome will automatically fix and track the moving object according to the user’s setup via OSD.
  • Motion Detection
    The dome will detect the changes in the defined video zone and trigger alarm.It supports to 8 video Locations, each with 4 detection zones.

PTZ and Lens Control

  • Zoom Control 
    Users can control zoom by keyboard to get near or far images. Focus Control 
    The default setting is auto focus. The camera will auto focus based on the center of the video display to get the clear image. In some special occasions, the user could do the manual focus to get the desired image effect.
  • Auto Iris Control
    Auto Iris is aiming to detect the environmental lights condition and adjust the iris to get the stabilized brightness of the image.
  • Auto Back Light Compensation
    In the highly bright background, auto back light compensation is aiming to compensate the brightness of the dark object and adjust the background brightness to get a clear image.
  • Auto/Manual White Balance
    Auto/Manual WB adjust depending on the environment light changes.
  • Day and Night Switch (Only for Day/Nigh Camera)
    Speed dome camera can auto switch according to the environmental illumination changes.
  • OSD Setup
    Call upon preset No.95 to enter into OSD menu setup interface. Click “Focus” to choose menu items and click “Iris” to set menu contents.

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